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Multi-Family Mortgages - (5 Units or More)

Special Rate and Terms for Multi-Family Real Estate. Purchase or Refinance and take
advantage of the following favorable Rate and Terms. This program is aggressively priced
  • Current Rate........................... 6.95%*
  • Very Limited Availability!
  • 5 Year Fixed Rate for Purchase or Refinance
  • 20 or 25 Year Amortization with a 5 Year Balloon
  • Up to 80% on Non Cash Out Purchase or Refinance
  • 75% on Cash Out Refinance
  • Property must be leased and self-supporting
  • 1/2% Commitment Fee

Equal House Lender

Please, Illinois Residents Only

*Rates change daily. Interest Rate is Fixed for 5 Years.  Rate as of 9/25/01.  These rates apply to New Loans only. This offer subject to change. Call for complete details.

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